Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

A Vision for the Convocation

What is the vision for a diocese, in our case the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe? This is what we have been talking about since last night. It was good for me to be here even though I would have very much liked to stay in Romania. But I can only find support from the parishes when I do talk to all of them, especially the rectors. And when they feel called to participate in this very special endeavor, engaging in mission trips, with the willingness to be transformed. It takes courage, but it also shows where Church really is.
Now I am on. I need to prepare material to get them to have me visit and present this possibility in being alongside those who we want to help. Being alongside, listening to their needs, trying to help them to find the solutions they need to develop to be able to move forward.
May God guide me and all of us in this endeavor so that all we do may fulfill his will for us.
This is of course only a small part of the vision we have for our congregation which in spite of its small number of members is yet so spread and so rich. But whatever brings us closer to God is worth engaging in. And that is to be our goal and our vision for the next years.

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