Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

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Ok, it took me half a year to find the access to my blog again. I know put it in a place where I should find it again. There was just too much going on in Munich and the paper on which I noted the password etc. got lost.

Romania at this time of the year is cold. It is a new experience for me to know that there are roads around the city I am living in which are blocked by snow. One of the is the way to the next airport in Iasi. Last night I heard in the news about 60 national streets are closed in the three districts of Vaslui (in which ich Husi where I am living), Iasi (where the next airport is, about 100 km north from Husi), and Piatra Neamt where I have been visiting a few times.

The other street which was blocked last night from snow was the one from here to Crasna. That means currently the only open street from Husi is to the Republic of Moldova.

I didn't take a picture today, but this is the street to Crasna on December 18th. It was closed December 17th. It is a European street, leading to the border near Albita to the Republic of Moldova eventually. 

And it is cold. Last night we had -15°C (about 2 °F). Tonight it is supposed to be colder. I hope that the power will  not go off or we will have a serious problem in the bishopric where the only house with a generator is the bishop's. But there are places with fireplace, the old kitchen for example which is just behind my room.

Please pray for all who are suffering from the cold here in the area. People got stuck in the snow. Power fails. Villages are cut off from any help or supply system.

Still I am grateful. It is beautiful outside. We had sun today and a dry cold, which made my freshly washed clothes freeze on the 200 meters from the 'valley' as we call it, to my room. A room with bathroom. A luxury about 85 % of the people in this area do not have. They have outdoor bathrooms - at -15 °C or more outside tonight ...

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